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Metzel Auto Upholstery


Metzel's Upholstery, how is it possible I have not reviewed you after "sew" many years of counting on your professional service!!

Wally and his crew at Metzel's are great at what they do! Very easy to work with, won't b.s. you..basically you call them up, tell 'em what's what, you bring it down so they can have a look at the problem (in this case, a decaying/fraying/leaky rag top on an '78 450 SL that had been packed up in a garage for decades!) Well what do you know...Wally had it replaced in a week, at $600 less than the next best quote!! (And the other folks I visited were giving me a song and dance about it taking 2-3 weeks, etc) Pfffft, never mind all that, Metzel's ROCKS!!!!

If you need any work done on auto upholstery, headliners, convertible tops, etc...Wally is the one to see!! Honest, fast, brilliant workmanship....and he has a sense of humor...never seems to mind when I ask him (for the 100th time) if he'd heard about the man who "fell into the upholstery machine but was fully recovered!" =o )

Wally was enjoyable to work with from the very first phone call to picking up the car. After explaining what was wrong with my convertible top, he let me know all of my potential options (and their associated costs). He reserved confirmation the top could be repaired (as it had warped a bit after separating from the back area) until after he had a chance to take it off and and work with it in his shop. That seemed fair, even if it took an ounce or so of trust.

I brought it in the next morning, and he promised to let me know within a day if the top could be salvaged. The very next morning he called to let me know that not only could the top be salvaged, but he had completed the job and the car was ready to pick up. The total was the lowest of the estimates he gave me, and it was ready before I expected. Most importantly, the job was done very professionally - the top looks good as new. Clearly he has been doing this a while. He said he tends to just take jobs when he knows he can do the work well. I like that approach.

Just got my 1994 BMW soft top replaced here. Amazing work and ready when promised....what a treat.